Curriculum Subscription Program

After producing over 500 video curriculum productions for local churches of all stages and sizes, we discovered a growing need that we finally decided to address – the need for professionally published curriculum that have exponential results. Churches tend to produce...

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Getting Ready for Your Fall Campaigns

After producing the “Purpose Driven Life” video series for Rick Warren, we discovered that aligning with his weekend teaching series was a really big idea. There is a powerful impact in aligning and developing curriculum in order to catalyze your community into...

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On the Road: Exponential East 2017

On the Road is our recurring series where we follow Brett Eastman, founder and CEO of Lifetogether, “on the road” as he travels across the country and gives us an exclusive look into who we’re meeting, what we’re doing, and how we’re living life together. The...

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Conversation Strategy

Lifetogether has partnered with over 500 of the largest and fastest growing churches across the nation. Emerging from our partnerships, we are launching a brand new model of curriculum and strategies for video-driven experiences in small groups. We’ve learned the...

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New Lifetogether Publishing Partnerships

At Lifetogether, we are always exploring new ways to partner with local churches to help them leverage the power of community to reach their community for Christ. Over the years, we have produced professionally published video curriculum for hundreds of the largest...

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Lifetogether New Programs & Offerings

For over 15 years and counting, Lifetogether has provided local churches with state of the art solutions that have proven to connect entire congregations, cultivate reproducing disciples and catalyze unlimited leaders that help reach their community through community....

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A Fall Campaign Idea Guaranteed To Transform Your Church

Spring, Summer, right around the corner! I realize it's almost insensitive to bring up the topic of the Fall, especially when Easter is right in front of us, but this idea needs to be shared now in order to prepare for the upcoming season! What we know at...

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Conversation Service Coaching Program

Over the last five years, we have partnered with pioneering, mainline churches to connect their entire congregation using technology and media. This passion and vision goes far beyond small groups and integrates into the very DNA of these churches, with thrilling...

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New & Next coaching

Given we are a community-based ministry, we have decided to put together a more affordable and more accessible group coaching program for churches! This year as we reviewed our offerings, we also reviewed some of the most innovative strategies that we've worked with...

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Small group ministry & campaign coaching

When you're surfing, the first wave is often the smallest - but each wave grows. The same is true for your small group ministry; after the initial church-wide campaign, it's time to build on your momentum for even greater success. Lifetogether has provided local...

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Small group curriculum production & publishing

While serving on the senior staff at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren and at Willow Creek with Bill Hybels, I learned how to develop strategies that connect entire congregations well north of 75%-100%. For the last 20 years, we at Lifetogether have produced over 500...

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