After producing over 500 video curriculum productions for local churches of all stages and sizes, we discovered a growing need that we finally decided to address – the need for professionally published curriculum that have exponential results. Churches tend to produce weekly discussion questions for small group study guides that align with their weekend services, but this model tends to be effective with the existing groups in a congregation, not as much at launching new groups.

As a result, we are launching the Curriculum Subscription Program, which is based on our new models of producing video curriculum that has proven to launch new small groups 52 weeks a year and to connect people in a matter of weeks versus months. We combine the strengths of the number one resource in any church – the weekend service – with the number one influential voice – the senior pastor – in order to coach churches into producing a weekly video curriculum that is even more aligned with your weekend sermons.

Watch this video of Brett introducing the exciting new Curriculum Subscription Program!

Lifetogether is now offering this as a weekly service for those churches that want to invest in their congregation by producing a professionally published resource. We are introducing this subscription program on a limited basis with a handful of churches that recognize the limitations of their in-house resources but desire to produce quality and professional publications. In addition, our goal would be to do a “train-the-trainer” and help you develop a team of qualified staff and a handful of volunteers that could continue this model for years to come.

The bread and butter of this model is that at the end of any given sermon series, we can help compile all the content by creating a finished video curriculum complete with full color design and layout. You could potentially produce up to five different series over the course of the single year!

Again, the benefits of this new program far outweigh the cost of outsourcing this type of service. If you’re interested in learning more, we would love to host a free consultation or on-site assessment to review partnering with us in this exciting program.

Browse through some of our award winning color curriculum publications!

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Whether it’s coming out to do a personal assessment, coaching for a Fall major campaign, or starting your first video curriculum production, contact us today for a free consultation!

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