After producing the “Purpose Driven Life” video series for Rick Warren, we discovered that aligning with his weekend teaching series was a really big idea. There is a powerful impact in aligning and developing curriculum in order to catalyze your community into reaching the community for Christ. As a result, over 30,000 churches have posted a 40-day campaign in their church of one kind or another. The results from these campaigns were exponential and helped to launch a whole new way of doing church.

After all, these strategies are not solely connection strategies, but additionally are strategies to be able to reach community and to make disciples in the process. We’ve been blessed to consult and produce for churches their first curriculum series that have consistently launched groups for their ministries up to 52 weeks a year.

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Fall Campaign Curriculum and Consulting Package!

What we know, at this stage in the game, is that most pastors have either a napkin filled with notes about their plans, or in some cases, it’s a part of a three-year master plan that they have already outlined last year.

No matter what side of the scale you are on, this simple idea has the opportunity and upside of transforming, not only your Fall season, but how you will do church in the future. I can guarantee you this, especially after implementing this strategy multiple times in some of the largest and fastest growing churches in America and witnessing exponential results of Kingdom work in various ministries. Now, we are rolling this Fall Campaign Curriculum and Consulting Package out for churches of all stages and sizes for a limited time, so be sure to contact us today to get started!

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How We’ll Do


As we mentioned above, alignment campaigns, such as the 40 day series, are extremely popular and effective among congregations. This is why right now is the perfect time for you to evaluate what you’re going to do in the Fall.

Lifetogether is excited to come alongside your ministry to partner with wherever you’re going this Fall. We’ll produce video curriculum PLUS a full-color print curriculum companion guide. Our team of experts will also create a consulting packet, so that your leaders have resources to reach your community for Christ. We’ll develop promotional materials, such as video weekend previews, branding, and more assets for you to be ready to produce your very first, or next, Fall video series.

We offer a variety of classic or unique formats for your video curriculum production. One option is our primary format, the classic “talking head”, with companion print. We’ve produced a range of topics as well, from testimonies, leadership training, worship or daily video devotions. We also offer our Town Hall format, one of our most popular features that is the next generation of church video production, with settings ranging from a simple cafe edition or even a full stage “in the round” production. Again, we’ll produce a full-color, companion study guide publication, featuring over 200 photos in a magazine style but with yearbook-like value, that we guarantee will create congregational buzz and can be made available as resources for your small groups.

How We’ll Do


We’ve consulted some of the largest and fastest growing churches across the country. From our partnerships, we’ve developed the 5 major features of consulting, that we will incorporate and offer in our Fall Package.

We’ll consult your church in…

1. Ministering to the needs of your congregation by connecting north of 75% of your entire community into community

2. Motivating your congregation to gather groups of friends and functionally start small groups up to 52 weeks a year.

3. Motivating disciples, who make disciples.

4. Modeling and training your team on how to produce video curriculum video up to 52 weeks a year for any type of series

5. Multiplying the evangelistic impact of your church community

We offer both 6- and 12-month packages, and are extending a discount to a handful of churches who are willing and able to secure a partnership over the next 30 to 60 days. If you’re interested, this is an excellent offering for those churches who know they’re going to produce a Fall campaign, but would like to explore a more cost effective approach and to do more planning as this season approaches.

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Whether it’s coming out to do a personal assessment, coaching for a Fall major campaign, or starting your first video curriculum production, contact us today for a free consultation!

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