The greatest breakthrough in church planting has come with the decentralization of not only the weekend teaching in a small venue like a home, club house, or conference room, but the introduction of a video-driven worship experience that is actually working. This is produced in a small venue setting for a more engaging and intimate church community experience. Here at Lifetogether, we’ve been at the forefront of microsite strategy and development. Take a look here at how we’ve taken church to the community in the past:

This model of utilizing small venue campuses is clearly the wave of the future – smaller than a multisite yet larger than a small group. Here at Lifetogether, we understand that church planting is church planting, but there have been some new innovations that are helping to launch an exponential number of new churches like never before. Microsites are a great addition based off of your weekend service and conversation production.

Our new microsite coaching program is designed for churches who are looking for the next revolution in taking the church to the community: Microsites. Discover how to launch and lead a wave of microsite campuses regionally, nationally, and globally. We’ve included a short trailer for you down below, in which our team of experts answer all of your questions about our new groundbreaking program.


Designed for multisite campus directors, senior pastors, campus pastors, executive pastors, and church leaders tasked with launching multisites.


  • Discover the potential and pathway to starting a small venue microsite campus based off your weekend service and conversation production
  • Produce weekly small group curriculum based on the Microsite Conversation Service production
  • Evaluate the purpose and strategy for producing a conversation service that delivers the content for a microsite campus
  • Evaluate the numerous options available to produce creative mirosite service worship (live, pre-recorded, combination…)
  • Learn how to brand, market, and promote your new “church in the round” experience
  • Learn how to recruit, train, and develop microsite campus leaders
  • Explore business models that can self-fund a microsite campus strategy in your church

and MANY MORE proven and unique features, so flip through our digital catalog below!

Let’s partner together to help your church launch and lead the next wave of microsites regionally, nationally, and even globally. Contact us today!

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