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1. Free Consultation

Lifetogether offers a free 30-minute consultation over the phone or in-person to understand the current climate of your ministry and provide some basic strategies that we’re learning working with churches all around the country. During that time, we will also determine if and how we can take the next step together.

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2. Lifetogether On-Site Assessment

The Lifetogether Assessment is a perfect first step to evaluating the readiness of your church for a churchwide campaign. It includes an evaluation of unique ministry areas to help determing if, how, and what it might look like for us to partner together. Major categories include Small Group Ministry Models, Team Depth and Bandwidth, Connection and Assimilation Strategies, Promotional and Marketing Methods, Training and Development of Leaders, Proven Sustainability Strategies, Funding Options, and more.

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3. Join our Coaching Program

The foundation of working with churches is in our coaching partnership. We will help you take your small group ministry to a new level of engagement with Kingdom impact. Our expert coaches and innovative strategies are helping churches like yours to connect more in community, close the back door, increase community outreach, launch micro-site campuses, and grow your church through new ideas that will change how church is done. Check out our Coaching Program today! 

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4. Enroll in our Online Courses

Lifetogether’s online courses are filled with tips, tricks, and proven strategies for every area of church growth from small groups, to multisites and microsites. Coming soon!

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