Finally, a turn-key strategy to produce professionally published video curriculum based off the weekend sermon series that launches groups 52 weeks a year!

For the last two decades, we have published over 500 professionally published video-curriculum series for every major Christian publisher, para-church ministry and hundreds of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. We have learned the science and art of writing award-winning curriculum series with fully integrated color and high quality video production. We’ve produced curriculum in over a dozen unique formats in some of the most creative settings, and have designed for almost every type of Bible study or weekend service campaign. The beauty of this model is that over the course of a single year, you could publish up to five different video curriculum productions based off of any small group curriculum or sermon series, that could even be sold even beyond your partnership with Lifetogether.

Here’s a brief, four-step process that we have developed that will help you produce curriculum on your own or at least take your first steps in producing video curriculum.


The first strategy is conversation starters. Our recommendation is that your pastor produces a single, video segment that is between 7 and 12 minutes long, serving as a great small group addition of their weekend sermon. Simply, write your weekend discussion questions based on this content and create a simple design template. You could shoot this in the back of the room with the worship center stage behind him, you could have him sit on a barstool on the stage, or shoot it outside near a grassy area in an outdoor setting.


The second is conversation interviews.  Have your pastor sit down for a short interview with a senior staff member using a simple one or two camera production. They’ll simply reflect on some of the big ideas and critical application points, based off a past or future sermon. Again, any edited version of this interview can be used to catalyze small groups and create a small group discussion. The short video clip can be a backbone to a simple weekly small group study guide, developed as a companion to the video interview. This will only take a Senior Pastor a total of 15 to 20 minutes, done anytime on the weekend or in the week.


The third is conversation group. If your pastor is willing to join you in a small group of people on a Thursday or Friday preceding the weekend service, you could create a “model” or “small group experience” hosted by none other than your senior pastor. This can be produced using Facebook Live, where people could watch it anytime and anywhere, and subsequently launch groups after the Sr. Pastor preaches the weekend service. This format is what we call the “Town Hall” and can be shot with any type of camera, GoPro, etc. or could be something far more professionally published.


The fourth is a conversation service. This is an emerging, breakthrough idea that is not only launching groups 52 weeks a year, but will quickly become the next generation of weekend services. Moving from a traditional service to a contemporary service, now it’s time to have a conversation service.

This format is a little more complex in its production, but can be one of most powerful new ways to reach younger people and engage with people who are not as interested in the current form of weekend services. It is designed to be a more engaging, interactive church service, that launches groups not just locally, but regionally nationally, and globally. Contact us for more details about how to launch your very first conversation service!

For a brief description about the conversation service, watch the video below:

Hopefully this gives you some clean takeaways on how you can begin the process of producing your own in-house video curriculum and even church-wide campaigns.

No longer do you need to wait for an upcoming fall campaign, Fall or New Year campaign, or even the launch of a new semester. You can now produce video curriculum on a weekly basis and catalyze groups 52 weeks a year.  This is a breakthrough, and for some of you this could be your first step, but for others, you may be interested in one of the Five Unique Offerings from Lifetogether:

Fall Curriculum & Campaign Package, The Lifetogether Publishing Partnership, Curriculum Subscription Program, Small Group Publishing Program, & The Lifetogether Curriculum and Production Coaching Program.

Descriptions of each are available in our previous blog post, so check it out!


Lifetogether New Programs & Offerings


Hopefully this gives you a little taste of some of the insights and offerings that Lifetogether is delivering to churches, seeking to not only connect their congregation into community but reach their community through community. For churches that are wanting to disciple and reach the people who are no longer attending weekend services, this allows us to be able to move & bring church to where the people are, as well as use the weekend services as a catalyst not a container for next step spiritual growth.

We’d love to talk with you about producing a fully published video curriculum, so contact us today!

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