Single Teacher

This classic and simple approach is best suited for the master teacher who can effectively and dynamically engage an audience. Lifetogether will help you strategize to maximize the impact of this format, coaching you on content, delivery and shooting locations.

Co-Teaching or Multiple Teachers

Like production for a single teacher, Lifetogether will help you strategize to maximize the impact of a multi-teacher format, coaching you on content, interaction, and shooting locations.

Town Hall

Pastors thrive on the energy and engagement of their audience, so we’ve created a new breakthrough format that brings the people to the pastor during a live video shoot! This unique approach brings out the best from the teachers, engages people more, and models the type of interactions your small group members can have with each other during the study. Clearly, this is our most popular format because of the heartfelt sharing and the hilarious interaction with the pastor. Small groups just love it!

Panel or Café Style

Lifetogether will take your town hall group or even multi-teacher format and produce you in a café with a small audience to combine the interactive, energetic and engaging feel of a town hall with the quality of strong teaching in a more intimate but relaxed setting.

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