While serving on the senior staff at Saddleback Church with Rick Warren and at Willow Creek with Bill Hybels, I learned how to develop strategies that connect entire congregations well north of 75%-100%.

For the last 20 years, we at Lifetogether have produced over 500 video-based small group curriculum for local church pastors, all the major Christian publishers, and leading Christian ministries around the country. Our primary focus is to help a local church produce their first, or maybe more advanced quality, production with the teaching from their senior pastor, testimonies from their members, leadership training by their staff, and a full color 100+ page magazine style curriculum with hundreds of photos from their congregation.

We continue to take those strategies and learn how to apply it exponentially while working with over hundreds of the largest and fastest-growing churches in America. Now, we want to bring those learnings to a program that can help a church of any size, stage and budget.

Starting with Small Group Curriculum Production and Publishing, this program is designed for churches that are looking to do their first in-house church-wide curriculum.  Through each of our sessions, you will gain insight into the different strategies of a successful series as well as the details on how to produce a professionally published video and print curriculum.


Designed for senior pastors, associate and small group pastors, video production and creative teams.


  • Discover dozens of unique video formats and creative settings
  • Learn cost-efficient and time-saving techniques to produce in-house video and print curriculum
  • Produce the 12 core curriculum every congregation needs and wants
  • Produce some of the new, innovative, and breakthrough production formats including the town hall production, home-based shoots, and unique on-location settings
  • How to create a curriculum calendar and weekend alignment strategy
  • How to write curriculum that multiplies disciples, and mobilizes people to service
  • How to stage and shoot a professionally published print and video curriculum
  • How to script, write, and lay out a print curriculum using our proven templates

and MANY MORE proven and unique features, so flip through our digital catalog below!

Here at Lifetogether, we’d love to talk with you about how we might partner together to introduce our new coaching programs. Contact us today!

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