When you’re surfing, the first wave is often the smallest – but each wave grows. The same is true for your small group ministry; after the initial church-wide campaign, it’s time to build on your momentum for even greater success.

Lifetogether has provided local churches with state of the art solutions that have proven to connect entire congregations, cultivate reproducing disciples and catalyze unlimited leaders that help reach their community through community. After consulting with over 500 of the largest and faster growing churches around the country, everyone is wanting to connect and grow their people. The only question is, how?

Our second new group coaching program is designed for churches wanting to further leverage the power of community to transform lives by producing video based curriculum that helps to commit 100% of your congregation into community. The content is a more affordable and accessible group edition of our one-on-one on-site consulting program. For a quick glance at what we’ve done in the past, check out the amazing results in one of our partnerships, connecting 2000 groups for Bayside Church, below!


Designed for senior pastors, executive pastors, associate pastors and small group pastors.


  • Design and develop the marketing materials needed to promote your campaign
  • Leverage technology and media to exponentially multiply your impact
  • Connect 75% to 125% of your average adult attendance into off campus small groups
  • Everything needed to create and coach your team to produce 2 different professionally published, video-based small group series
  • Coaching on how to produce your first off-campus worship series with your worship team
  • Coaching on how to produce a “starter” series, “sustainer” series, and a “strengthener” curriculum series
  • Re-purpose your existing sermon series and produce a small group curriculum library serving your groups for years to come

and MANY MORE proven and unique features, so flip through our digital catalog below!


In case you missed our short video describing our exciting new coaching programs, we’ve included it again right below!


Here at Lifetogether, we’re excited to share with you about our new and innovative coaching programs. Contact us today!

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