Video features

There are a number of things that make up a video curriculum, including various shoot locations, production formats, host introductions, testimonies, and more. Watch this clip to hear about some of the many features!

Shoot Locations
From the beach to your backyard, our professional crews can shoot your project anywhere! We’ve shot projects in huge cities, in a country barn, on the beach, in chapels, and even on a bike trail while the pastor cycled through his favorite course! We can transform your church’s worship stage into a beautiful set, or turn a large home into a cozy studio for the day. Wherever you want to shoot your project, we can make it happen — and make it look amazing.

Shoot Locations.

Production Formats

Lifetogether offers several production formats to help maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. The most popular format is the Town Hall which multiples the energy and effectiveness of the video teaching. Unlike the traditional “talking head” approach, the Town Hall engages a few dozen audience members who are wrapped around a leader or small group of leaders. The leaders teach directly to the audience in an interactive fashion allowing for the audience memebers to ask questions and respond.

The newest style is our conversation series, which features a pastor and a small group of congregants discoursing on a message directly after service, which can be streamed live to social media with the idea of keeping the conversation going.

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At the opening of each session, a host or co-host welcomes the group and introduces the session. These can be done by one person or multiple staff.


Key leaders and volunteers can share their stories–great for both weekend worship and small group experiences. These testimonies illustrate the teaching and bring the message to life.

Leadership Training

We’ll work with your leaders to script, shoot, and produce short videos that can equip others to start a group and lead it well. We also have a half-dozen video training packages for your new and existing leaders. We will even produce a Town Hall edition of small group leader training.


Lifetogether can produce and direct a worship experience with your team, your musicians, and the songs that connect with your people. It’s a great resource for small groups, house churches, multisites and microsites! 

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Promotional Previews

From “behind-the-scenes” trailers to movie-like previews and blogger reels, Lifetogether can create a variety of resources and provide strategies to promote the campaign in your congregation.

Recruitment Videos

Lifetogether has proven strategies to engage 100% of your congregation into groups and increase the number of your leaders. With “reluctant leader” videos and 60-90 second curriculum previews produced much like a movie trailer, we will help you recruit more leaders than ever before.

Video Devotionals

In addition to weekly video Bible study and print devotions in the written curriculum, we’ll also develop daily video devotionals with your people telling their stories. This can involve up to 30 more people as a great addition to any curriculum or campaign.

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