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Lifetogether Ministries is not just the name of an organization.  It’s what they do. Brett Eastman and their team have come alongside of us to produce better leaders, better polished curriculum, better groups, and maybe best of all, lots more groups.  We are grateful for their partnership.

Gene Appel – Eastside Christian Church, Anaheim, CA


Pastors thrive on the energy and engagement of their audience, so we’ve created a new breakthrough format that brings the people to the pastor during a live video shoot! This unique approach brings out the best from the teachers, engages people more, and models the type of interactions your small group members can have with each other during the study. Clearly, this is our most popular format because of the heartfelt sharing and the hilarious interaction with the pastor. Small groups just love it!


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Lifetogether is all about resourcing ministry, and you’re holding one of the latest resources we’ve created for pastors and church leaders. In these pages you’ll not only learn about our ministry and our projects, you’ll find a wealth of ideas, tips, and suggestions for growing your own church and building dynamic small group communities.

I came to Christ in college because someone took a chance and invited me to join a small group Bible study. I heard the dangerous message of the Gospel in a safe place, and was encouraged to gather some friends of my own and start a new group. Seven of the young men in that group ended up accepting Christ, and three of them made the decision for full-time ministry.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working on staff at some of the largest churches in the country, including Saddleback and Willow Creek, but the genius of a small group program is it can work for a church of any size, in any location. In fact, at Lifetogether we believe small groups are one of the most significant, effective ways to disciple existing Christians and evangelize seekers.

Our video-based resources make it easier for churches to launch a new small group emphasis, kick off church-wide campaigns, connect their members, reach their


Lifetogether produces professionally-designed, customizable curriculum to bring the lessons to life for your small group. Each book dovetails with the video teaching and worship. The group’s experience during their gatherings includes background information and resources for further study, and is customized to help your groups dig deeper and grow closer.


Producing off-campus worship videos for local churches.

First we changed small groups by bringing the teaching pastor into a living room with video. Then we changed groups with our Town Hall strategy that replaces a “talking head” approach with an informal, interactive dialogue between the pastor and the people. Now we’re revolutionizing groups with the addition of worship.

As part of our video production, our team can coach, direct, and produce a complete worship set with the people, instruments, and setting of your choice, and package it as a full worship experience your groups can use to draw closer to God and to each other. Some groups will use the songs on DVD to open with worship, others will use it to close their time together, and some churches are even using the complete package to start house churches and launch new campuses!

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Over the last 20 years we have partnered with ministries, published major projects, or produced on-camera over 2,500 pastors, authors, and church leaders.


For churches large and small, Lifetogether works with the pastor, leadership, and creative arts team to create a complete package of small group video curriculum. This might include one pastor teaching to the screen or a “Town Hall” with an audience, plus live worship, testimonies, leader training, video devotionals, and more.



Well beyond any basic, black and white study guide, our curriculum features hundreds of high resolution, congregational photos directly from the lives and ministries of the congregation. This “school yearbook” style curriculum gets the buzz and buy-in that not many programs can achieve.


Lifetogether develops a fully-custom cover art to integrate with the theme throughout the video and print layout. The back jacket is designed with the pastor’s bio, church logo, ISBN number and promotional copy, just like a trade book.

PROVEN format

The Lifetogether curriculum is time-tested to produce and reproduce genuine discipleship, first by creating a group from “scratch” and then systematically, developmentally, and intentionally motivating every member to serve and someday lead a group.

SMART curriculum

Every curriculum is written not just as a study of a passage but also in a way that starts new groups and helps sustain them at the same time.

Book companion

Lifetogether produces curriculum based on any book or existing sermon series by a senior pastor. Lifetogether can also ghostwrite a book based on existing sermon series for the pastor.