Spring, Summer, Fall…is right around the corner!

I realize it’s almost insensitive to bring up the topic of the Fall, especially when Easter is right in front of us, but this idea needs to be shared now in order to prepare for the upcoming season!

What we know at this stage in the game is that most pastors have either a napkin filled with notes about their plans, or in some cases, it’s a part of a three-year master plan that they have already outlined last year.

No matter what side of the scale you are on, this simple idea has the opportunity and upside of transforming, not only your Fall season, but how you will do church in the future. I can guarantee you this, especially after doing this strategy over and over again in some of the largest and fastest growing churches in America. Now, we are rolling this campaign out for churches of all stages and sizes, no matter what your theological persuasion, denominational affiliation, geographic region or ethnic tradition.

The “Pastor Factor”

After producing the “Purpose Driven Life” video series for Rick Warren, we discovered that aligning with his weekend teaching series was a really big idea. As a result, over 30,000 churches have posted a 40-day campaign in their church of one kind or another. The results from these campaigns were exponential and helped to launch a whole new way of doing church.

In the excitement of of this season, we thought that the results were because of the “Rick factor”. However, over the years we have discovered that the greater principle is more the “Pastor Factor” – every congregation would rather hear from their senior pastor than any other best-selling author, third-party publisher, etc.

The Big Idea

That said, we are recommending that you consider producing a church-wide alignment campaign with a video teaching series, coupled with a full-color companion study guideĀ featuring your senior pastor. This type of campaign is sure to connect your entire congregation this Fall.

Best of all, our expertise allows us to work with whatever sermon series that you want to produce. We can help you develop the scripts and the strategies that will turn your visions into a reality.

Not only is this a great potential first step for those churches that have never considered hosting their own campaign, but it’s also a great strategy to take the quality of your existing campaigns to the next level. It’s no surprise that congregations want more video production and professional quality print curriculum that showcase better design, photography, and quality of writing. With our coaching, you’ll be able to reach your congregation and community farther and further than ever before, guaranteed.

We will utilize all the latest and greatest strategies that we are using to connect more of your congregation, mobilize more leaders, multiply disciples who in turn make disciples, and model for you how to produce your own in-house video curriculum and church-wide campaigns for years to come.

There are a lot more nuts and bolts on how this happens between our ministry and yours, but here are a few features to keep in mind. We will partner with your team to either coach or do full-service production for a video curriculum series, including on-location visits, integration of numerous new formats, and new video features and technology, to produce your state of the art series. Our town hall style production, that has become a primary format for churches around the country, is a great example.

Here’s a link to our YouTube page that has a number of samples of some of our recent trailers and projects.

In addition, we recommend producing a full color, professionally published print curriculum that becomes a signature project for your congregation. Everyone will want to participate, simply because it’s something they have never seen before along with being something that they can keep and reference for years to come.


Next Steps

As you could imagine, the cost can range from one extreme to the other, based on the size, scope and nature of the project. That’s why, we have developed a series of packages and programs that will suit whatever size budget and timeline you may be considering.

The first step is to contact our Lifetogether team to set up a FREE consultation where we can better assess your needs and make a more unique, customized recommendation on your next steps. We recommend you join the conversation, and we can share more on ourĀ proven processes to not only produce a Fall campaign that aligns with your sermon series, but will also help you plan, produce and promote the entire series that will ensure 100% participation of your average adult attendance.

Sign up below for a free consultation next Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 10:00 AM or 2:00 PM!

In addition, we can send you a care package, including full-color catalog, of our best examples from when we’ve worked with churches and organizations all across the country. These packages include a few sample series, such as books and DVD’s, to give you a better idea of the how and the what behind Lifetogether consulting and productions. Follow this link to check it out!

Second, we are including new group coaching programs to our coaching package, where if the production route isn’t financially suitable, then we will partner with you and your team to provide coaching strategies and consulting about production and ministry development instead. Follow the link below to see our new and exciting coaching package, including microsite and conversation service development.

Finally, we are offering the new Fall campaign, curriculum and consulting package, a special offer for a limited time. This is all-in-one, plug-and-play, package will help you be ready, in only six months, to launch your desired campaign! It is one of the most complete and effective programs we’ve ever introduced to churches across the country.

Happy Easter!

We hope this simulates your thinking, even for a moment, before the Easter crunch happens! As we mentioned above schedule an appointment or contact us using the button below for these limited fall campaign openings!

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