Over the last five years, we have partnered with pioneering, mainline churches to connect their entire congregation using technology and media. This passion and vision goes far beyond small groups and integrates into the very DNA of these churches, with thrilling results.

Some of the most interesting projects have come from the mainline traditions, where the heart for reaching a community through the power of community is embedded in the DNA. As a result, we have had a high level of response from some of these churches, and we’ve also learned a great deal. We’ve continued to develop these production insights, refine our campaign designs, and bundle all of this content creation into – a conversation service.

Here’s a trailer we put together for a new series at Victory World Church, that showcases the most prominent features of a conversation service. Take a look below:

This program is designed to help churches launch their first conversation service in order to reach more people on the weekend, engage the next generation, and launch groups 52 weeks a year. We’ve put together another informational trailer, filmed on the beautiful Saddleback Church campus, that gives you the breakdown on our new, and arguably most exciting, offering yet.


Designed for senior pastors, executive pastors, weekend producers, and multisite pastors.


  • Learn the 10 primary features and benefits of hosting a “church in the round” service
  • Learn how to brand, market, and promote your new “church in the round” service
  • Discover proven ways to save money on equipment and time in production
  • Learn how to catalyze groups 24/7 off of your new forward or existing online experience
  • Transform your online streaming service into a more engaging and more effective individual experience
  • Learn what, when, and how to secure funding for launching your first service
  • Learn how to launch and lead a fully synchronized Facebook Live service 52 weeks a year
  • Learn how to edit the conversation service footage for exponential social media purposes

and MANY MORE proven and unique features, so flip through our digital catalog below!

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